I suddenly realized it…the way to get over you isn’t by hooking up with some random guy or pretending like we didn’t happen. You and I loved each other. And then you broke my heart. I’ve been doing everything possible not to face that fact. I’m gonna kiss somebody someday and, when I do, it’ll be for me.
― Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)


lets play “how rude can i be until u realize i dont like u”

Smoking kills."
She smiled: “Exactly.
― (via penguqueen)
My mind will be my murderer.
― Six word story. (via writin-gs)
These so-called ‘feelings’ are ruining my reputation as a heartless bitch.
― Achilles, Book 18 (via incorrectclassics)


98% of my life is ????? with a little ¿¿¿¿¿